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In this video, we talk about our experience with SHAPE products with a Red Komodo build.


“Homecoming” New single and title track for Bethel Music’s New Compilation Album!

Bethel Production was proud to be part of this shoot. It was a dream team of exceptional people, talents and hearts! A true collaboration of technical people pushing each-other creatively.

The official video for “Homecoming” from the album, Homecoming, by Bethel Music feat. Cory Asbury and Gable Price. “Homecoming” was written by Cory Asbury, Gable Price, Brian Johnson and Christian Ostrom.

Dominic Shahbon Event Director
Blake Citro Production Manager / Production Design
Olivia Citro Event Coordinator
Christian Ostrom Creative Director
Liam Monroe Production Design
Andrew Kelch Production Design / Lighting Director
Zach Pugh Lead Editor
Caleb Marmolejo Video Producer
Luke Manwaring Video Director
Drake Kelch Video Engineer
Jonah Thompson FOH Audio Engineer
KT Aguilar Monitor Audio Tech
Luke Hendrickson Audio Capture
Sam Gibson Post Production Audio Mixer

Jake Coletta Cam #1 Steadicam
Nathan Grubbs Cam #2 Hero
Jonny Tsang Cam #3 Hero
Jesse Maitland Cam #4 Center Dolly Cam
Christian McKean Dolly Grip
Ben Smith Cam #5 Stage Cam
Nathan Cichosz Cam #6 Stage Cam
Michael Daugherty Cam #7 Roaming Cam
Jaden Willis Cam #8 Wide Stage
David Rose Cam #9 Balcony Track #1
Drake Kelch Cam #10 House Right Floor Track
Drew Janes Track #1 & #2
Chase Smith BTS Video
Paul Fehr Lyrics